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El día de los muertos

You will make an altar to remember someone that has passed away. Remember, the ofrendas are for positive memories about the person that has passed away, not to dig up painful memories. Focus on the good things you remember about the person.

You will need to include the following items in your altar.

  1. The person must have passed away.
  2. The person must mean something to you, even if it was a famous person, there needs to be some tie or personal connection. Perhaps you like the movies the person made. I am not looking for something extreamly personal, just a reason you chose that person.
  3. 1-2 minute presentation about your altar and why you chose that person. (It can be in English.)
  4. No bigger than a shoe box.
  5. Culturally accurate.
  6. Due October 31
  7. 100 points possible.

Check the following websites for information about your "Ofrenda"